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  • Welding Services Toronto



As CWB-certified professional welders, the craftsmen of Toronto’s 3D LASER FABRICATION, INC. are verifiably ready, willing and able to handle spot welding, stud welding, brazing and other projects of any profile.

We can repair fences and gates. Simple sink repairs and fabrications are no problem. We’re especially adept with heavy equipment and farm machine welding. Rest assured, we guarantee premium quality and durability on projects of these scopes and everything between and beyond. Generally, our welders can cover up to ⅜”-thick steel, stainless steel and aluminum on any project under the sun.

  • MIG, TIG and Stick welding
  • Railings and platforms
  • Restaurant and kitchen welding
  • Truck and boat welding
  • Trailer welding – any size
  • Ornamental iron
  • Heavy equipment
  • Structural welding
  • Industrial welding
  • Emergency repairs and fabrication

Practice makes the master, and there isn’t much we haven’t tackled before. If it calls for a torch to cut or form it, then call 3D LASER FABRICATION, INC. in Toronto today.