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    Engineering Design

Engineering Design

3D LASER FABRICATION, INC. customers don’t do business with us for “margin of error”. When Toronto needs versatile, precise designs, our experts step up.

It doesn’t matter if we’ll ultimately reshape wood, sheet metal or any other material in modern construction – “measure twice” is a nice starting point to us, prior to even more thorough design polishes. With 20 years of extensive hands-on experience, our multi-talented design team has mastered modern CAD tools from Solid Works to AutoCAD to visualize, refine and calibrate designs to the smallest measures.

From subassemblies and complete designs to full manufacturing and assemblies, our experts spare no detail in the finest-tuned engineering and design processes available throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Your needs, your satisfaction – strictly by design, strictly from 3D LASER FABRICATION, INC.